Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some more complaining . . .

I really dislike the new Xbox Dashboard.  Instead of streamlining things it seems to have made everything more difficult to find.  Looks like it was designed with Kinect in mind and  is not very intuitive in my opinion.


For example, after the update I downloaded a few game videos from the Game Marketplace (after I managed to find them in the new interface).  So I try to watch these new videos and when I head over to my "Zune Video" section nothing happens.  It tries to launch the video player for a split second and it just stops.  I never get any kind of error message.  No prompts. It just refuses to let me access any game videos I may have saved.  I check under my memory settings to make sure I have videos and sure enough I have about 5 saved which I seem to be unable to access.  Frustrating.  I give up, thinking it may be a bug and will be patched and feeling too lazy to look for a fix online.


About a week later I try again (I want to see those damn videos) but the same thing keeps happening.  The Zune video player refuses to launch.  I am locked out of being able to watch the videos that are saved on my HDD!  After much trial and error I end up clicking on the "Zune Marketplace", a place I never go to.  I am immediately told that I need to download the Zune Video App.  Umm, ok?  I download the player and voila, I can now launch my Video player.


Now, why in the world do you not get this message when you try to launch the player in the first place?  Why do I have to go to the stupid Zune Market place to trigger this?  That is just ridiculously stupid!


Bring back the original Dashboard with Blades!


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