Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday notes . . .

Again, not much going on gaming-wise. Looks like my new "thing" is to not finish any games I start. The latest casualties being God of War III and Heavy Rain. I was really into GoW, made it to the final boss, died a few times, and have since lost interest. I never fully got into Heavy Rain. It is an interesting game, but I can't really say it is a "fun" game. I hope to beat it eventually, if I ever get the urge to go back to it.

When I have decided to game lately I've been playing Forza III and Red Faction: Guerilla. Both are great games , yet I'm just not feeling gaming at the moment.

And I am actually glad. I'm getting more things done and enjoying my nights more now that I don't get home from work and sit in front of my couch for hours playing a game. Time flies when you are engulfed in a good game, and it is never a good feeling when you look at the clock, realize you just spent your entire night playing a game, and you now have to take a shower and go to bed because you have work the next day.

So, I hope to stay in this zone for a while. I don't anticipate any game coming out soon that will suck me back in. I haven't picked up Splinter Cell: Conviction yet (and don't feel the need to) and the only other game I want that is coming out soon is Red Dead Redemption. I'm not even that excited about the Halo: Reach Beta.

But I'll tell you what I am excited for. My damn Camaro. My VW Golf is hanging on by a thin thread and if my new ride doesn't get here soon I may be without a car for a while. So, I need it to get here for practical reasons, but I also need it to get here because the anticipation is killing!

In movie news, I saw Kick-Ass this weekend and loved it. Man, the movie caught me by surprise. I didn't expect it to be as violent and gory as it was. And I also didn't expect it to be as serious at times too. Plenty of funny, over the top moments, but the movie can be pretty brutal at times, leaving the viewer not sure if they should be laughing or shocked. But it was great overall.