Thursday, February 17, 2011


Two days ago I heard about Undead Labs for the first time, a developer working on a project which is right up my alley. So right up my alley that I've semi-created a similar game in my head for a while now.

They want to create a zombie game. Yes, who hasn't created a zombie game these days? But theirs is a little different. They want to create a zombie game about surviving the zombie apocalypse. Not a zombie shooting gallery, but one that focuses on the survival aspects of an outbreak. And not the just at-the-moment survival (not getting bitten!), but long-term survival (finding shelter, fortifying it, having a steady food source, etc.)

Hell. Yes.

Undead Labs is actually working on two games, both around the same concept. The first game, Class 3, will be an Xbox Live Arcade 3rd-person open world game that will serve almost as a test of the technology and to lay the ground work for the real game, Class 4, which will basically be a post-zombie apocalypse MMO.

I'm definitely going to be following Undead Labs' progress very carefully. They seem pretty passionate about the material and have a great relationship with the community through their website.

And then, as if that wasn't good enough zombie news for me, yesterday a trailer is released for yet another zombie game I have never heard: Dead Island. This game will be a 1st-person game, but will put a heavier emphasis on melee combat. It is supposed to also be fairly open-world and take place on an island.

Whatever it is, the trailer that was released yesterday is just phenomenal. Please check it out.

I'm a very happy zombie fan right now. Don't know how I lasted so long without hearing about these titles. Now the agonizing wait begins.

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