Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beyond Good and Evil HD

Beyond Good and Evil is getting the HD treatment with an upcoming re-release on March 2nd (on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN).  If you never purchased this gem back when it was originally released on the PS2, Xbox and Gamecude, shame on you.  Now is your chance to make things right.
Buy.  This.  Game.
I still own my PS2 copy and I was actually going to re-play it on my PS3 just prior to this announcement.  Good thing I waited, because it looks like it is not just getting a simple resolution bumps.  A few of the highlights:
- The game now runs at a rock solid 60 fps (if I recall, the original was 30 fps)
- 80% of the game's textures have been redone
- All music is now uncompressed
- Character models have been improved
- Achievements, leader boards and all that jazz
I would have been happy with just a resolution boost, so all this love and care is icing on the cake.  BGaE is a great game, with a lot of heart, excellent story and characters, fantastic design and an overall unique experience that everyone should try.  It did awful in sales when originally released so I really hope that gamers embrace it this time, because it truly is a great fun title.
And the best part?  It will only cost you 800 MS points ($10).  That my friends, is a steal!

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