Friday, February 11, 2011

Killzone 3 Beta

The Killzone 3 open Beta has been available for a few days now.  And it is a total mess.  I've only been able to play about 2 trouble free matches.  The very first two I tried after downloading the Beta when it came out.  I then went about 3 days without being able to connect to any game and getting kicked out of the network.  Yesterday I was finally able to connect to two matches, but both were glicthy and not working properly.  10 seconds after the matches would start, we'd get a message saying we lost and the words "You Lost" would show up in the middle of screen.  Except the match just started, so we didn't really "lose".  So the match would continue, but the words would not leave the screen, obstruction your view, your targeting reticle would not show up, and there were no player names over the other players, making it hard to distinguish who was friend or foe.  Oh and your couldn't see the score. In other words, it was unplayable.
Because of the Beta and Killzone 3's upcoming release, I did get the urge to play Killzone 2 again, so over the past few days I played through it and beat it one more time.  I think I may have enjoyed it this time even more than my initial playthrough.  Lookinging forward to the third game, even though reviews have been average.

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