Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday notes

Dead Space 2 comes out today.  Will pick it up on my home from work.  Reviews have been positive, but I am worried about the game's shift to even more of an action game.  I love me some slow paced survival horror.  We'll see how it goes.  I plan on going with the same set-up I used in the first game which greatly enhanced my enjoyment of it.  Playing on hard, at night, lights off, with my headphones on.  Good times (hopefully).
I've been playing AC: Brotherhood when I've had the chance.  Enjoying the single-player game for the most part.  Just like with AC: II, the game is huge with a ton of things to do.  You can get distracted just running around Rome, upgrading shops, renovating buildings, and burning down towers to liberate territories.  I often go an hour between actual story missions and don't feel bored.  It does feel overly familiar, since it hasn't been that long since the previous game, but it is still fun.  Haven't played as much of the multiplayer as I was anticipating.  Lets see how much time Dead Space 2 takes away from this game.

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