Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Picked up Brotherhood a few weeks back and finally got around to play it.  As much as I enjoyed Assassin's Creed II, it felt way too soon for another AC game, so I basically picked it up because I kept hearing how innovative and different the multiplayer is. 
First thing I did was play a few matches of this multiplayer and it certainly is a breath of fresh air.  It emphasizes and greatly rewards stealth, as opposed to the typical fast-paced, chaotic gameplay more online games have.  It seems to be pretty intricate and requires specific tactics which I am not yet familiar with, so I was a little lost at the beginning.  But it does look like it can be a whole lot of fun and I hope to really get into it.
I also tried the single-player and the game picks up right where the 2nd one ends.  If you enjoyed part II, you'll enjoy this one.  On a technical level it looks exactly the same.  Maybe some improvements to the lighting.  The one big change is in combat, which now lets you sort of queue up your next instant kill while executing an enemy, making combat faster and far more satisfying.
So far I am enjoying the game more than I thought I would, since I thought I was AC'd out.  But apparently I am not.

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