Friday, January 8, 2010

Just chiming in . . .

Being the incredibly lazy, inconsistent and procrastinating blogger that I am, here's my first post of 2010 (and first one in over a month!).  Happy New Year everybody!  :\
On the gaming front, I'm still churning away on MW2, trying to keep my kill/death ratio above 1.40.  The game is still a blast to play and I continue to be totally inconsistent in my performance.  Last night I went 24-2 in one match and followed it by going 8-14.  WTF?
I'm very happy with the recent patch that nerfed the 1887 Akimbo combo.  That particular set-up was practically ruining my experience, since it would be an automatic one-shot kill from practically any distance without the need to aim.  C'mon!!!
Right now I still have two pet peeves.  First, the freakin' Commando perk that lets you knife opponents from like 10 feet away.  It has the same effect as Halo's energy sword, where you basically lock on and fly towards an opponent, except that you don't need to hold your cursor over the opponent for a second to lunge, it is instant.  And annoying.  I'm not totally against the Commando Perk.  I just don't think that a knife should win in a gun fight if both opponents are facing each other and one guy is shooting with a freaking ballistics weapon!  If I get knifed in the back, that is fine.  Even with the 10 foot lunge.  If I get knifed in the front before I see the guy and can react, I can let it go.  But if I see the person running towards me and I begin to unload on him with my freakin' machine gun, then he should not be able to lunge at me and get the instant kill.  F you Infinity Ward!  You should take a lesson from Epic and the GoW2 chainsaw.  If you get shot while going in for the "melee" kill, then the bullets stop your forward momentum.  That's it.  That's all I want added to the Commando Perk.  Keep the 10 foot lunge.  But if I shoot you mid-lunge, then you better stop in your tracks!
Alright, now that I got that off my chest, my second pet peeve is the damn Riot Shield.  I hate this thing.  Damn you again Infinity Ward!  Is there a way to kill some fool who is crouched down and charging you with one of these things?  Sure, you can sticky them with grenade, if you have one.  Blinding them with a flashbang works, but that is a bad technique if they are right in front of you.  You're just a likely to blind yourself.  I end up futilely shooting at the guy while he bonks me over the head with his stupid shield!  Argh!!!  I hate you guys!
Ok, enough MW2.  I've actually been playing a lot of Madden 2010 recently, if you can believe it.  With the latest patches I've found a set of sliders that I've enjoyed.  I started a new Dolphins franchise and I am currently 2-1.  Game is still a ways off from being the total NFL experience, but it is serviceable this year with good sliders.  That's a start.
I've also played some 1 vs 100 and participated in the Live game this past Tuesday.  I'm a sucker for trivia so it is enjoyable, although all the commercials get annoying.
And that's about it on the gaming front.  Have plenty of games left to finish, which I might never get to.  Mass Effect 2 at the end of the month, although I'm not too excited at this point, although I know it is a day 1 purchase for me.
Oh, I should have my GotY 2009 post up . . . umm, sometime before the end of the year.
Hope to catch Avatar this weekend.  I've been reluctant to go since I can't stand crowded theaters and lines anymore.  Man I am getting old.  The movie has already made over a billion dollars word-wide.  Wow.  James Cameron is money in the bank.  Will this guy ever have a problem getting funding for a movie ever again in his life?  His movies basically print money for the studio.

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