Friday, September 16, 2011

Deus Ex: HR

I completed Deus Ex: Human Revolution about a week ago.  Campaign took a good amount of time, around 20 – 25 hours.  Overall, great game.


It is no secret that I am a fan of First Person Shooters.  But not necessarily the “shooter” part of that title.  I just enjoy playing games from a first person perspective and find the experience extremely immersing and enjoyable, especially when played with headphones.  I don’t need the non-stop adrenaline filled action that is normally associates with that “perspective.”  In fact, I mostly long for games that use that perspective in other game types.  Which is why I really enjoy the Elder Scrolls games.


So while DE:HR gives you the option of leaning towards action if you want during its encounters (or stealth for those who prefer), a good chunk of the game consists of role-playing elements such as exploration and speaking with NPC’s.  It is definitely not a corridor shooter with “levels”.  You have an open world HUB in most cases which you can freely explore and which lead you to your story missions.


There is plenty of choice involved and often your actions will affect the story going forward in some way.  I also like that you can choose to play the game as a “good” or an “evil” character, but there is no silly meter keeping track of your choices, which also result in your character appearance changing or something silly like that.  If you decide to do immoral things in the game, you just have to either deal with the consequences of those actions (retaliation from authorities, eliminating a potential side mission) or just live with the guilt of what you did.


Overall, one of the better games I’ve played so far this year.  The game seems to be selling well and I am glad, because I definitely want to see more titles like this.


Now, let the onslaught begin.  Gears 3 next week (reviews so far have been great).  Bring it.


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