Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The onslaught begins . . .

Prior to last week, I can’t remember the last game I purchased (retail).  Portal 2?  Maybe?


Last week I picked up Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  Will post impressions soon.  Quick version: the game is pretty great.


And now, the onslaught begins.  Over the coming weeks we are about to get bombarded with new releases.  And I want to pick up a good number of them.  I definitely do not have the time to play all these.  Ideally I can purchase these slowly over the next 6 months and ensure I always have a steady stream of quality games in my future.  But I don’t function that way.  A lot of these I have on my “day 1 purchase” list and my compulsive nature will ensure I am there picking them up, although I know full well I will not be able to devote any time to them.  Great.  Here are the culprits:


Madden 2012

Gears of War 3

Ico/SotC HD

Dead Island


Dark Souls

Forza 4

Batman: Arkham City

Battlefield 3

Uncharted 3

TES: Skyrim

Halo: Anniversary

Modern Warfare 3


And I am sure I probably missed a few in there.  That is one stacked holiday season!!!  I’m glad Mass Effect 3 slipped to next year.


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