Friday, November 12, 2010


Picked it up on Tuesday.  Haven't touched the single-player and I have played about 20 multiplayer matches at this point.  Any CoD veteran will be able to jump right in and feel comfortable with the general gameplay and controls.  I'm just dealing with the initial learning curve of learning all the maps.  I hate this time.  I'm running around lost and scared and getting killed far more often than I like.  But that's the way it goes.  I'll know these maps like the back of my hand in no time.
So far I have found my favorite map.  As is always the case, my enjoyment of a map is solely dependant on how well I do on it.  Nuketown is apparently my map.  I went 30-3 on it the other night and I always seem to finish with a k/d ratio over 4 on it.  The other maps?  Not so much.
Not sure what it is about Nuketown.  It is a small map and extremely chaotic.  I usually don't like those.  But so far I own on this map.
A few things I really like about Black-Ops:
- The Wager Matches are a lot of fun and a great change of pace from the regular Team Deathmatch that makes up 99% of my usual playtime.
- The game keeps track on a crazy amount of stats.  Far more than in MW2.  You don't unlock this until you reach level 12 though, which is kinda odd.  It keeps individual stats for every weapon, every map, and it even keeps track of where you typically shoot your enemies, so you can see if you like to go for body shots, head shots, or if you are terrible and just hit limbs.  It also keeps charts on your performance over the last few games, etc.  Very, very cool stuff.
- You can now saves replays of your matches and create clips and take screenshots, just like with the Halo games.  I SOOO wish I had this option in MW and MW2 since there were plenty of matches or just kills that I would have loved to have saved.
I'll put up impressions of the single-player and further multiplayer thoughts as I dive in further.
On a side note, I ordered Enslaved:Odyssey to the West from Amazon for $25 and I should have that to play over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Sweet.

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