Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting things done . . .

I was off work last Thursday and Friday and I did something I hadn't done in a while.  Beat some games!
I managed to finally finish God of War III, Assassin's Creed II and Red Dead: Redemption.  Man, it felt great to get those wrapped up.  I was seriously procrastinating when it came to finishing games that I started.
I also attempted to get back into GTA IV, since i just wrapped up RDR and figured both games controlled and played similar enough for me to jump back into it.  But I quickly realized why I had stopped GTA in the first place.  I'm stuck in a very annoying mission, that forces you to restart from the very beginning when you die, making you replay a lot of really long and boring driving sections over and over.  I don't think I am ever going to finish this one.
And then there is Heavy Rain, which for some reason I have ZERO desire to get back to.  Yet I am very curious how the game will end.
I'm also very tempted to pick up Madden today.  And knowing me, that means I will own it before the day is up.  I also would like to dedicate some serious time to Backbreaker now that the patch is out.  I've yet to really get into that game, but I really want to.  It does a lot of things really well, I just have to overcome my own pre-conceived notions of how a football video game should play, since it plays so different from what we are used to that your initial reaction is to just give up and go back to what you are comfortable.  But I am positive that if I can get over that hump and learning curve, that a pretty fantastic football experience awaits.

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