Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chiming in

I've been playing Red Dead Redemption for a few days now when I've had a chance.  The game is excellent.  The visuals are amazing, the voice acting and motion-capture for cutscenes are top-of-the-line, and the Rage engine and animations never get old.  Is it GTA in the Old West?  Basically, but the setting and gameplay are just different enough to give the game its own feel.
The game world is absolutely HUGE and if you do not enjoy riding on horseback for long periods of time you might get bored.  Sure, you have other quick travel options, but I personally think riding there yourself is the way to go.  I enjoy taking in the scenery and partaking in some of the many random events that occur on your way to your destination (random strangers needing help, spotting a wild animal you might want as a trophy, spotting some rare plants to collect, or just coming across a cool undiscovered area).
Aside from random glitches and some areas that could use more polish, the game is a top GotY candidate, neck in neck with Mass Effect 2 right now.
I also tried out the Backbreaker demo, and while I do have my issues with the camera angle, I appreciate what the game is trying to do and it peaked my interest enough to pretty much guarantee a purchase from me.  Backbreaker looks to really change up the way we play videogame football.  I have my reservations about the passing game with the camera the way it is, but lets see if it grows on me.
On a final note, I love me Camaro!!!!

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