Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend gaming notes

Played some co-op Uncharted 2 with Gabe on Saturday.  It was fun.  Harder than I thought too.  Enemies attack you from all sides and it can get pretty hectic.  Man, I hate those annoying "assassin" enemies which grab you in a choke hold and you are defenseless unless your buddy rescues you.  It seems kinda cheap that you can't melee those guys before they grab you.  If they grab you from behind, that's fine, but if they are charging at you from the front I should be able to attack them with melee attacks without them automatically choking me.  Boo.
I also fought the final Boss in Demon's Souls yesterday.  Pretty sure it is the final boss at least.  I was doing great, picking at him when I saw an opening and just taking my time with the battle.  I had about 45,000 souls collected too and definitely didn't want to lose them.  I take him down to about 15% energy and then made one mstake.  I didn't properly dodge one of his attacks.  And of all attacks, it was the one I should have made sure to dodge.  He grabs me, sucks away one of my soul levels, then impales me with his sword, killing me instantly.
I had full energy too.  Well, as full as my energy could have been in Phantom form wearing the Cling Ring.  One attack.  That's it.  And the fight was over.  I had spent 15 minutes in combat, chipping away at his health, yet he ended it in 5 seconds.
Fucking brutal!!
Then, to add insult to injury, I get killed as I was making my way back to him (damn Blue Dragon), so I lost ALL 45,000 souls.  Yeah, safe to say I turned the game off after that.
But hey, the Dolphins beat the Jets yesterday, sweeping the season series, so it was hard to get me in too bad a mood last night.
Only one more week for MW2!!!!!

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