Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Revenge is sweet . . .

I beat Demon's Souls last night.  After that painful defeat at the hands of the final boss, I regrouped, came back, and took him out.  And just for kicks I took out his pet Blue Dragon that was guarding the outside of his castle burning everything in sight.  Take that you bastard!  Ha!
Man, what a great game.  After completion I immediately started playing again.  The game lets you start over, keeping all your stats, souls and equipment from your first run through (you lose the main quest items, such as keys, etc.).  It isn't a walk in the park the second time though, since all enemies are now more powerful.
I highly recommend this game to those of you with patience, who enjoy a really well designed game that likes to think outside the box and tries things that go against the norm.
So far this game is neck and neck with Batman: Arkham Asylum for Game of the Year.

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