Monday, October 12, 2009

We suck

Man, Gabe and I are terrible bloggers.  We create a whole new blog to commemorate our trip to PAX, we promise "from the floor" coverage, impressions, photos . . . and here we are, over a month after PAX, and nothing.  Just one initial post promising all those things.
We definitely suck.
In our defense, we've both been extremely busy lately.  I've been super swamped at work.  I've also started going back to the gym, so by the time I get home, take a shower, cook, eat, I then have a choice between getting on the computer and typing or getting some game time in.  I've been choosing the latter.  So while I haven't been blogging, I have lots of material to blog about, since I haven't stopped playing.
Here's what I've been playing:
CoD4 - Of course.  Getting ready for MW2.
Madden 2010 - Best Madden this generation, but still flawed and broken.
Batman Arkham Asylum (PS3) - Simply fantastic!  A top candidate for GOTY.  I'm upset I haven't been able to post impressions, because I had an absolute blast with it and it might just be the best licensed game I have ever played.  Hands down the best comic book game ever created.
Halo: ODST - I really enjoyed the single-player campaign.  Similar, yet different, from previous Halo games.  I haven't been able to try Firefight mode since it does not support match-making, only private games with friends.  Overall, fun game, but I think Microsoft did the fans wrong by being greedy and releasing this game at full price.  This should be no more than $39.99.
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (360) - This is a game for fans of the original Ghost Recon games.  Not the GRAW games, but the original ones that were far more tactical and slower paced.  It goes for realism and the result is a game that is not for everyone.  No running and gunning here.  So far I've only played a handful of missions and I am enjoying it.  I like the slower pace and the open environments, and traversing the terrain to your objectives is fun for me, even though you are basically just hiking many kilometers with not much going on.  Team-mate A.I. is a little flaky so far.  Wish I had three friends to play this with, since that will remove that frustration with the game.
Demon's Souls - Just started playing this yesterday.  Oh wow.  I think I am hooked.  As all the reviews have said, the game is hard.  Brutally hard.  But not in a cheap way.  After just 2 hours it is one of my favorite games this year.  And it looks like it will only get better as I progress.  Another candidate for GOTY.
So that's what I've been playing.  Since at this point a detailed PAX post will be moot, I'll probably just post all of the pictures I took and give my overall impressions of the show.
Oh and speaking of GOTY candidates, Uncharted 2 comes out tomorrow.  Wow, Demon's Souls and Uncharted will be fighting for my attention (sorry Operation Flashpoint, you might be taking a back seat for a while).

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